Maybe some of you already know with the Nusa Penida island, Bali,  but some may just not know. Nusa Penida is one of the island in Bali islands with pristine natural environment, untouched hands dirty. The island presents a lot of beautiful beaches and interesting. Currently, there have been many people who did a day trip Nusa Penida. Be it domestic and international tourists.

Their many were fascinated by the natural beauty of Nusa Penida, not just its beaches are stunning, but there’s also no high cliffs and hills. Following the tour Nusa Penida could make you release tired due to daily activity. One of the famous beaches and many sights such as the Raja Ampat is Papua Coast Atuh. The beach has white sand, clean and unique.

Attraction Attractions Beach Atuh Nusa Penida

The name is derived from the name Springs adjacent to the atuh beach is West of the atuh temple. Local citizens utilizing this spring for everyday life. The unique thing again, though near the shoreline, but the water does not taste salty remains fresh. Even during the dry season, spring water remain Atuh aka never dry. Well, Atuh this from A (not) and Tuh (dry) meaning is never dry.

The natural beauty owned of a atuh beach worldwide, not even slightly tired foreign tourists who willingly pass through a difficult terrain to reach the atuh beach. To make it more maximum panoramic of the beach, come there at 05.30 in the morning. The location of the beach overlooking East Atuh, making you watch the sunrise from the top of the cliff to be extremely fascinating.

The Uniqueness of the Atuh beach Nusa Penida

When you arrive at the atuh beach will see the beach in the Bay of wide stretches of white sand. Its clear blue water, fun can play sand or water there. While on his left there is a stone with the name cliff of Cape Juntil. If the right side of atuh beach there are also Labuan Ampuak cliffs. Following the tour Nusa Penida can make you enjoy the wide variety of natural landscapes.

From the top of the cliffs are Nusa Penida Atuh Beach, you’ll also get a huge stone cliff judging like small islands. The great stone cliffs known as Nusa Padasan Stone. While there is behind him, there are nusa abah stone in the right part of Nusa Mategan stone. Valuable experience when you choose Coast Atuh as destinations day trip Nusa Penida. Despite the extra power you need to achieve it.

Location Of Atuh Beach

Attractions Atuh Beach Nusa Penida is situated in the village of Pejukutan, district of Nusa Penida Klungkung Regency, Bali. If you want to easily get the exact location, you can use the google map when day trip Nusa Penida. If there is no signal, ask the local people there. They will show its location, Nusa Penida society-friendly and usually in the travel lane there are directions that intentionally installed.

If from Bali, you can choose one of the many ports such as Sanur Beach, Padang Bai Harbour or beach Kusamba Klungkung. You can take a fast boat or ferry vessel which is available there. If you do not follow the package tour Nusa Penida, can rent a motor that is priced starting from Usd 100 thousand. There are several routes to the atuh beach. When you do not want to get lost had to actively ask.