Bulian Beach Nusa Penida or Jasu Beach, Lumangan beach may be an option in the tour nusa penida for you who want tranquility. Visit bulian, can get you the serenity and away from the crowds. Indeed not yet as popular as tourist objects in other nusa penida, but the beach is not less beautiful. Its hidden makes you have to go through a bit of a challenge. However, the location is not far from the coast of the pinkie.

Nusa penida Island recently were popular. In a variety of social media, plastered pictures of her. Its untouched hands alias is still very beautiful, able to entice tourists to day trip nusa penida tour. Before heading to the beach bulian, you should find out how nature is and what you can do there. This is the bulian beach nusa penida.

The Attraction Of Bulian Beach Nusa Penida

As a tourist attraction which is still beautiful, the bulian beach scenery for a pampering presents eyes. The beach serves the ocean with greeny blue. Sand accompanied rocks can be used as a natural reflection for your legs. That way, you can improve your health physically and soul all at once. The coast is fairly short and to the right side, there is a hill full of trees green.

Waves on the coast is strong enough, the semburannya rock form a holes. Fresh air is inhaled, perhaps you will feel the heat if you come on a beach tour nusa penida is during the day. The atmosphere is so quiet, it can give quietness in your heart and mind. Beside that, looking at nature can also eliminate boredom due to daily activities.

Activities in The Bulian Beach

The first step you are going to do is look at the beach and the surrounding area. Then, walk on the beach while foot reflexology waves like the sea and listening to the strains of the season. When the waves calm Beach, you can swim. But, if the waves are not calm, undo your intentions for swimming. Bulian Beach and Kelingking beaches make as a destination day trip nusa penida.

In addition, those of you who still have stock can eat while enjoying the view of the beach. But, don’t waste litter because it could mar the area attractions that are still beautiful. Don’t forget to take photos with the best natural view of the background. If you follow the tour nusa penida, You can ask for help guide to perpetuate the signature poses with friends or loved ones.

The Location and Access to the Bulian Beach Nusa Penida

The location of Bulian beach at banjar penangkidan, bungamekar, nusa penida. Its location close to the kelingking beach. While from Bali, you have crossed the ocean with a fast boat or ship on the ship. Take a day trip nusa penida when there’s not much time for a vacation. When doing a tour nusa penida, you must prepare so that healthy physical shape. Because, you will travel that makes tired and exhausted.

Although it took a struggle and tired, but his sacrifice will not be in vain because the beach you go has its own beauty. You may not even find at other beaches. view crystal clear blue sea, high cliffs and the green trees that eyes will unite presents the harmony of nature.