Crystal Bay Beach is surely mind yet so travelers in tour nusa penida know the beach on this one, because it is a new landmark in the social media. This beach is located in the western part of Nusa Penida, to reach this beach did have to travel through the sea with ships fast or fast boat from Sanur and Kusamba klungkung. Crystal Bay is actually the name penida Beach, but now it is more known by the name of Crystal Bay Beach.

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida is usually made into one of the main objectives to Nusa Penida surely entered into packages such as day trip nusa penida. Because it does offer a different beach sensation usually exist on the island of Bali, and certainly its own uniqueness.

The Charm Of Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida

crytal bay nusa penida

Tourists if not to Crystal Bay I think there are less, why is that? Because the beach is offers the charm of a different nature, such as the still-beautiful, calm, cool, crystal clear sand. The waves were not so great many people here for the bath including tourists, next to the beach is still growing big tree tree that gives a different atmosphere.

Beside that, this beach often made a spot for snorkeling and diving. There have been many who provide services both to that activity during tour nusa penida. In the middle of the beach there is a big hill there is a temple of Jineng stone, to reach there should be using small boats or boat of local fishermen can be rented, suitable to view for activity fotography. In addition there have been many casual place for tourists to relax, there is a large umbrellas just lay down while enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

This beach  is overgrown lot large coconut tree so that adds to the atmosphere of the beach, there is already a wide parking area, as well as the toilet, in front of the beach has plenty of eateries and drinks, as well as selling interesting accessories. For accommodation already widely available from hotels or places to eat can be found along the road to the beach. We recommend you follow day trip nusa penida to Crystal Bay in the afternoon to see the beautiful sunset with the sound of the surf. To be able to see the sunset travelers must stay at Nusa Penida, because fast boats usually behind the last hours 17.00 to Sanur.

The Location of Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay is located in Banjar Penida, Sakti Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. To reach there from the island of Bali, tourists have to climb fast boat from Sanur about 40 minutes away. And anchored in the Nyuh dock Nusa Penida, next tourists can rides a motorbike or a car which can be rent by ordering online at About 30 minutes away. Along the way tourists are treated with natural coconut trees and beautiful ramps.  However, if do not want ribet tourists can book a package tour Nusa Penida already include many conveniences such as ticket fast boat, transport, as well as a tour to other attractions.