Obyek Wisata gamat bay snorkeling

Gamat Bay

Gamat Bay is one amongst tour nusa penida destinations that provide views of the wonderful underwater snorkel diving activities. Visit the Gamat Bay may cause you to see a range of marine life that may seldom exist on alternative sights. owing to the range of marine life here’s makes nusa penida Island explore for several travelers. Not solely tourists from land however conjointly from abroad.

They want to seek out the satisfaction of witnessing the wonder of the ocean with a vacation that’s still stunning. Well, Nusa Penida is taken into account ready to provides it. Follow the day trip nusa penida could be a answer to pay vacation time. additionally to seeing the wonder of nature, you’ll conjointly do a range of activities also as fancy the varied natural beauty. before the gamat bay, you ought to ascertain initial however the picture!

The Natural Beauty Of Gamat Bay Nusa Penida

Actually the gamat bay could be a tiny Bay, its location between toyapakeh nusa penida with nusa ceningan. Be it actually presents a pleasing read. Because, there’s the assembly of 2 current specifically North and South. Since that meeting, no surprise if gamat bay incorporates a fairly robust current character. it’s powerfully suggested that solely intimate different solely go on it.

The best time to tour Nusa Penida gamat bay is July through October. At that point the scenery also as arusnya ar nice for snorkel diving. once diving you’ll see stunning coral rocks. As for its characteristic soft gorgonian coral corals ar composed. Then, there also are varied tiny colourful fish swim around there and also the huddle.

Things To Do in Gamat Bay Nusa Penida

In the Bay, you’ll relax watching stunning beaches. Sit within the sand or manipulate water. Its a really clear keep you’ll read the presence of tiny fish and rocks. For people who have a hobby, creating snorkel diving gamat bay as destination of tour nusa penida is Verizon. At a depth of 2-3 meters already appear soft corals and tiny caves.

You’ll see fish Gian Trevally at a depth of twenty five meters. whereas within the depths of thirty 55 metres, there’s an oversized fish like Shark Triaenodong Obesus, spiny-finned fish fish, eels, moray eel eels-black, yellow, Blue ray and plenty of additional. additionally, you’ll conjointly see the Caterpillar blue color of the ocean, white, black encompassing reefs and ocean plants. The length of those grubs about one meter. remember to bring a water-resistant camera whereas doing a tour nusa penida.

Location and access to the Gamat Bay Snorkel Nusa Penida

Location of gamat bay within the West of the island of nusa penida, if from the port of toya pakeh southward. If from island, you’ve got to travel through ocean routes exploitation the quick boat or ferry boat. so as to not wander away and confused pay attention of tickets then forth within the tour nusa penida, higher use the services of a guide. this can be as a result of a number of the attractions in nusa penida, there still ar onerous to achieve. Its conjointly still terribly natural.