Manta Bay Nusa Penida, True Inspiring Beauty – Bali is the island  where joy meets love. A perfect combination for those haapiness hunter, for those adventurers, for lovers and for people who want to be one with nature. With thousands of tourism destinations, it can take a whole year to explore this paradise island. Many have visited Bali, and they had left this Island of God with their hearts stayed in Bali. One from many tourism spot for tour nusa penida is Manta Bay. The scenic destination for real adventurers.

The hospitality of the locals is like warmly welcoming every visitor who day trip nusa penida. Embelished with natural clear water makes you as if that you‘re already blessed in heaven. This spot is only taking a 10 minute boat ride to get to the swimming destination. There you can swim with the amazing Manta Rays. Also snorkelling in the bay can be one of a kind experience for every visitor. Swimming  with the marvelouz Manta Rays is an incredible experience. They are there for almost a whole year. So you can find the manta almost every day.

Access to Manta Bay

Every day there is visitor who tour nusa penida to this magnificent manta bay. The charge is around IDR 165.000 per person with small size speed boat. Going there you will have to wait for 15 till 25 minutes voyages. But dont worry, the view is just so awesomely superb. You can choose to start your short trip from Sanur or from Nusa Penida. The price of the boat includes drinks and snacks. So chill out and have the view in comfort. The boat will deliver you to a halt in Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida. It depends on you.

You can dive at a depth of about 10 to 13 meters. In this depth, you can already see manta ray in closer look. The dive lasts for 30 minutes up to 45 minutes optimum. Well it depend on how pro you are. For begginner this should last sooner. Locals say that you have 95 % chance to meet the great manta ray. They are not agresive, but also they are not tame. So you would better keep the save distace with them. You can meet the cleaning station for manta at depth of 13 meters. There you can also find the soft corrals. As if they dance in the water welcoming every divers, which is actually its because the current. To avoid any muscle cram, please do the warm out first while diving in object of day trip nusa penida this

Dish and Appetite

Being there, you can spend the night by staying in lovely bungalows. Enjoy the nuance of clear sky at night along with your lovely couple. They charge quite cheap, its around IDR 200 K per night. And you desperately have to enjoy the food. They are heavenly delicious. Some sea food are freshly caught before they are served to visitors. Try sea food betutu, the fushion food served as one of the signature dish in local restaurant. Its sea food with the spicy taste, rich in seasons, and very yummy