Do you ever imagine how a small island can be filled with magical things? This is waht Nusa Penida in Bali has. Many have known that Bali is the island of God. And God himself can be amazed by things in Bali. The wonder of the nature, the persona of the beaches, the hills towering in stunning hight, the mount agung, dense magical woods, and the spring. Another follow tour nusa penida which offers the visitors something different.

The tembeling spring is the name of the joy i am talking about now. Situated in woods with much shades and yes, the magic of distinguished Bali island. Right in the middle of the woods, visitors need to walk their feed for an hour into the woods. I ensure you that you will be exhausted and sweated. Work out, work out, work out while do day trip nusa penida. For you who are not accostomed to having trekking, you should prepare you stamina well. And yes some patches just for in case.

Stepping in the Spring of Tembeling

The joy as i told you is an hour walking. It is situated in Batu Madeg Village, Banjar Salak, Nusa Penida, Bali. This trekking will lead you to the new wonderful experience in tour nusa penida. Especially  for those of you who rarely do travelling. You need your spirit charged before trekking, so that when you are exhausted, you have the streght to keep up walking. The persona of the wood is quite mystical. No wonder because locals assume this wood is the living space of God. Even there are many rituals held to worship God of the woods.

Tembeling spring is situated not far from the sea. Open sea. Therefore pthe wave is very big anda is sometimes very extreme. No wonder, this spring has the landscape which similar to the atmosphere of Nusa Penida beach. People estimated the diameter of the Tembeling spring pool is to be around five and six meters. And due to its location which is in the middle of the forest, and is surrounded with high cliffs, makes the Tembeling spring very exotic and has wonderful nuance.

Extra wonders in Tembeling Spring

There is a pond which is located not far from the Tembeling. this pond is usually used by travellers and visitors to refresh their body. The water is very clean, that you can directly drink the water. The taste is very refreshing too. Locals told me that this pond was discovered by a pregnant  women. When the pregnant woman was chasing her cow that ran into the forest. She was lucky to find this clear and refreshing pond. And this spring and the pond were used by locals to fullfill their needs of water. And now it functions as tourism destination in day trip nusa penida. And spread the joy to many.