Peguyangan Waterfall Nusa Penida is one of the destinations for day trip nusa penida serving beauty all its own. Recently this is nusa penida Island are popular and sought after many tourists. The island has its own attractiveness compared to Bali. It’s not as majestic as Bali, nusa penida has but a very mesmerizing beauty. Not only nature, but also its bottom so interesting to explore.

You will find different things when following tour nusa penida cheap packages. Its beautiful, the air is fresh, its full of pampering greeny eyes. It was great fun if it is on the small island. To get there, you must travel the sea routes from Bali. journey time is approximately 1 hour’s drive away, depending on its condition. The following review about Peguyangan Waterfall!

The Appeal Of  Peguyangan Waterfall

As the area of waterfalls, the nature of peguyangan really can make the heart and mind cool. If you want to get there, you have to have a healthier body because the journey quite difficult terrain traversed. You’ll be doing trekking past cliffs and through the hundreds of stairs. Better do not bring small children or elderly people there. Given the condition of the course is rather steep and fairly. When you choose the tour nusa penida, indeed to be ready physically.

That’s because most roads leading to tourist attractions need struggle. Though tired and tiresome, but will soon paid off after arriving in front of the location. There, there are pipes that are used to channel water to the homes of citizens. Because this waterfall as source of water for local people. In addition, you also saw the cliffs, green trees and rocks. Its location overlooking the sea, certainly serves a unique view.

Activities in the Peguyangan Waterfall

Besides being able to look out over a refreshing waterfall, you will also find the sea views. A rare panorama, waterfalls and sea converge. This waterfall is disakralkan by the locals. Uniquely again under the waterfall there is a temple and natural pools with clear water. Organize a day trip nusa penida to the sights is enjoyable. Not only swimming, but you can also see the unique landscape.

There are things that you should observe when visiting the peguyangan waterfall. Female menstruation was banned from approaching the outdoor spring in this area. You must know and follow these rules when you follow the tour nusa penida cheap packages. The tour guide will show you which one may or not do. In addition, do not dispose of litter and keep it polite to behave while in a tourist area.

The Location and Access to Peguyangan Waterfall

The location of the peguyangan waterfall in the Batukandik village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. If the port of the Western route or Toya Pakeh, follow the road straight up in the Batukandik village. Then, follow the main road until you get to Board directions heading to the Peguyangan Waterfall. There is a gate around it and it is the entrance to this tourist attraction. For those who are afraid of heights, you should not choose the tour nusa penida to this waterfall along Love Nusa Penida.