Wall point Nusa Penida is one spot snorkeling at nusa penida which has sea views truly amaze. Many domestic and foreign tourists looking for it to vent their snorkeling hobby. Its crystal clear waters and clean, make you happy in the go along. Make the wall point as one of the destinations of tour nusa penida, then you will get a holiday memorable.

Been to nusa penida will always keep you amazed, not only the nature of the upper part alone but its bottom area also saves beauty all its own. The beauty is very well maintained, until now there has not been much development. But, there are already a few hotels and restaurants that can meet your needs. Before following the day trip nusa penida to wall point, know first how its beauty. This is a picture of the wall point!

The Natural Beauty Of Wall Point Nusa Penida

The area of the wall this point as gamat bay dive sites also in nusa penida. A view of both of these attractions, almost the same and fun to see. Although similar, but there is a difference, wall point has the current calm. Well suited for beginner snorkeler or who don’t have a lot of experience. So, you do not need to be advanced if you want to see the beauty of its bottom.

Before diving into the sea, you will be treated to an interesting view of coral diversity. Then, there’s also a colorful fish swim to the surface and much more. Take your camera to photograph the scene. In following tour nusa penida, you should always follow the guide, it does not mean the waves calm but poses no danger.

Things To Do in Wall Point Nusa Penida

Same as gamat bay, wall point also is actually a Bay. The first activities you have to do is to observe the sea and surrounding nature. There, you will see the blood red finger coral, various kinds of fish and many more. After enjoying the scenery at sea level, you can dive into the deeper areas. Never far from the ship and swim against the tide because of the harm.

Follow day trip Nusa penida in wall point, you will see a variety of invertebrate animals at a depth of 5 to 15 metres. Then, there is also a fish, moray eels, octopus, barracuda, Grouper, sharks, mola-mola and other fish types. Even if you’re lucky, can see manta rays swim up close. The best time in the live tour nusa penida is July – September.

Location and access to the Wall Point Nusa Penida

Wall point is located in the western part of the island of nusa penida. For your new first came to nusa penida have trouble finding its location. Therefore, you must accompanied by a guide in tour nusa penida. All travel arrangements either vehicle or admission to tourist sites can be taken care of by the service day trip nusa penida. Plan a vacation to nusa penida right now, select the right attractions for your hobby. Invite your friends and bring your camera to add to your collection of photos instagram.